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The Hemingway Editor assesses Trump’s tweets

One of the dangers of using The Hemingway Editor/App lies in its insistence on “bold” writing. According to the tool, bold writing can be achieved by removing adverbs and any other modifiers. We thought that the tool might appreciate Donald Trump Jr’s “bold” writing, which relies on the use of superlatives and absolutist claims.

The Hemingway loved Trump’s writing for its simplicity and easy readability. As the tool reports, even a ten year old child in the 4th grade can understand Trump’s tweets!



Of course, in this case, the writer was privileged by the constraints of the medium: Twitter only permits messages that consist of up to 140 characters. 

The only suggestion that the tool had for Trump was to remove the adverb “just”: “Be bold” and “don’t hedge.”


Text used in the experiment: Selected Twitter posts from the collection of Donald Trump Jr.’s tweets at Trump Twitter Archive by Brendan Brown.