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Ginger paraphrases Stephen Turner’s essay “Being Colonial/Colonial Being”

Ginger struggles to adequately paraphrase the opening sentences from Stephen Turner’s article, “Being Colonial/Colonial Being,” on New Zealand’s post-colonial identity.

The otherwise more or less conventionally written academic article deliberately opens with a free-flowing personal narrative written in a typical NZ vernacular.

While Ginger was able to guess possible meanings at the sentence level, it was unable to grasp the larger context and stylistic subtleties.


On a different note, Ginger also failed to detect any syntactical issues (such as the many sentence fragments) in this piece, because it is currently unable to distinguish between formal and informal registers of writing, or between any particular genres. Click here to see how the tool dealt with the grammar check of this piece.



Text used in the experiment: Turner, Stephen. (2002). “Being Colonial/Colonial Being.” Journal of New Zealand Literature: JNZL 20 (Settlement Studies: Special Issue), pp.39-66.